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8th July, 2005. 5:03 pm. Night(miriahofthewind)

Miriah Fontes slipped onto The Dark Waters. She slipped past mast by mast trying to keep herself out of sight and headed for the Captain's Room. Stealing from the head of a ship was wrong but, hey, it wasn't like money was gonna fall from the sky or, even more unlikely, the government was gonna give her a job. She opened the door and let herself in. As she gently shut the door it squeaked...loudly. "Amaldiçoe-o!" she hissed. Footsteps were soon aproaching and Miriah needed a hiding palce fast. She ducked into a closet and shut the doors quickly. There was a russle from the bed, then one from what sounded like a desk, and finally the closet doors were thrust open. The light blinded Miriah and a strong hand grabbed her hair. "Meu cabelo! Meu cabelo!" she whined. The hand yanked her up to be face to face with the captian. Miriah nervously smiled, "Boa Noite, capitão."
"Captian Trevor! What's wrong?" She heard a English sounding voice call from the ship.
"You speak english?" Miriah spoke with a strong Southren Spain accent.

Current mood: nervous.

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28th January, 2005. 10:59 pm. January 28,1857- - Afternoon(just_north)

North walked on the deck of the ship eating a biscuit as he approached the rail and looked out at the sea. He had enjoyed being on the ship. It calmed him and he had never felt the way he did now before. After standing at the railing of the ship for a moment and finishing his biscuit he made his way up to the crows nest for a better look out over the water that he had grown to love in such a short while.

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25th January, 2005. 10:07 pm. Sunday, January 25, 1857 - - Evening(_star_of_david_)

David carried a bucket along the deck before dropping it upright. Some of the water sloshed out of the bucket and on to the deck. David then took the mop he was holding in his other hand and dipping it in to the bucket. He looked out at the horizon and took a deep breath. He had only been on a ship one day but he already loved it. He had not yet meet the Captian or many of the other mates but he wasn't worried about any of that. He was just glad to be where he was at that very moment.

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23rd January, 2005. 10:48 pm. Sunday, January 23, 1857 - Nighttime (Sharpens.. Heightens Each Sensation...)(arrrrik)

What the...?
Where am I? Why am I aboard this ship? What am I doing here?

The last I remembered, Christine had just picked Vicomte Raoul de Chagny over myself.
I heard people, a mob.... they were searching for me.. to kill me.
I step behind the curtain, to make my escape.

I saw a strange glow..
I went to see what it was.

All of a sudden, I am here. On this ship.

Am I crazy?

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23rd January, 2005. 11:30 pm. Sunday, January 23, 1857- -Evening(livie_carring)

Olivia Carrington walked along the dock with a bag full of her belongings at her side. She had just left her home as her parents cursed at her and called her a trollop. She never liked their aristocratic lifestyle and was glad to leave it behind. It had been revieled that she had an intimate relationship with the son of a butcher and her family did not approve. She then made it her mission to leave them far behind her even if it meant leaving the butchers son along with them. She came upon the ship still in port at the end of the dock. She made her way up the gang plank still in place and searched for a soul aboard the ship as it began to become darker with each passing moment.

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23rd January, 2005. 10:00 pm. Sunday, January 23, 1857--evening(the_odd_mate)

Everyone else had stopped working, but in the cool of the evening, barechested and thoughtfully looking to the horizon, the sky still colors of pink and purple, gabe worked up high on the ropes, fixing them and making them as useable as possible. It was a normal for gabe to do work this time of day, as usually during the morning and afternoon hours, he was tutoring the men, and helping tyler with maps and charts. He didn't mind, though He felt more at peace in the dusk ight, watching the stars slowly come out, and the moon finally hang high in the sky. He liked to be alone with his thoughts.

Whistling softly, he thought about the day. How tyler had chased after a pick pocket, and how he had helped Sir North onto the ship-and how hehad been a help that afternoon with the rigging, and even teaching the men. However, one part stuck out in his mind.

It had been afternoon....shortly after he had gotten back from the market with tyler. He had been up in the rigging, fixing knots when he had seen her.....her, the red haired beauty. He hadn't seen much of her, as she had been talking to someone and had her head down near a book the whole time, but what he had seen had enchanted him. He didn't know why, but she lingered in his mind. Sadly, he told himself that even if he had talked to her, he wouldn'tve made much of an impression. Sure he had gottren kisses from a few ladies, but when it came down to it, women were.....well.....strange creatures to him.

But even so, he couldn't help thinking about her. About how she had seemed so intent, so full of life.

Heaving a sigh with a shake of his head, he soon climbed up into the crow's nest, and settled down for patrol that night, although he knew there wouldn't be much. They were still in port, and the biggest threat to them now was rats coming aboard and chewing out their supplies. And that would be taken care of by the ship's fat cat, a round, orange creature who had a distinct dislike of gabe, and had made clear of it from the first day, when he had laid a inch deep gash in his calf.

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23rd January, 2005. 9:30 pm. Sunday, January 23, 1857--Afternoon(the_firecracker)

As Aithne walked around town, she decided to walk around the dock. There isn't usually a ship here....Maybe I should go and see why it is there... She walked closer to the ship, and read the front of it. "The Dark Waters" she read aloud. Hmmmmm....interesting... She looked into her knapsack, and pulled out a pen and her journal. Aithne loved to write. She hoped that one day she could be a famous writer.

As she was writing, she heard footsteps. Aithne panicked. Then she heard a man's voice, "do you know who's ship this is?" She turned around to see a dark haired, friendly looking Jewish man smiling at her.

Current mood: energetic.

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23rd January, 2005. 12:33 pm.(without_sight)

Through the crowds at the dock, she wonders through the crowds as easily as she had been born there. It is almost hard to tell she cannot see, and makes her way by sound and smell only. And clearly it is easy to make her way through people: Most of them haven't bathed, so they all smell, so she tries her best not to press against anyone, as she doesn’t want to smell as vile as them.

Moving to the front of the docks, she soon walks along at her leisure. Many of the sailors watch her as she walks, slow and measured, and many call out to her (for, although she is not the prettiest thing on the planet she still has a youthful and almost fae-like charm about her), although she only gives them a brief nod. Any other day, she would’ve stopped and shared pleasantries, but not today. Today she is on a quest- A quest for money, just enough to get her a night at an inn with a warm meal and drink. Briefly, she clutches something at her breast, sighing softly. Please, Papa she says inside her head. Please keep me safe .

Pausing for a moment, she listens, very carefully. Without her sight, she has found every sound around her is magnified, every motion in the crowd, every rustle of clothing clear and sharp. Still pausing she soon hears something that catches her attention. Two voices, talking.

“Lotsa moneys today…” The first voice is gruff, and even slurred, like he was drunk.

“Indeed, Tyler,” The second voice is much different: It sounds educated, sweet, with the hint of an accent she cannot place. Welsh, perhaps.

“How much you ‘spect we have?” The second voice asks curiously.

“More than enough….”

At this, her rosy lips turn into a small, catlike smirk. This is all she needs to hear. Moving towards where she heard the voices, she is soon carefully pin pointing them. She moves quickly, because she fears she might loose them if she dawdles. Time is of the essence. Finally she’s on the tail of both of them, right behind then-or so she hopes-and walking as fast as they are, listening to the sound of their shoes on the ground, moving carefully in rhythm. After following silently behind them for a while, she moves forward and, with careful aim, runs right into the gruff voiced one-who she HOPES had the money. With quickness she feels right by his belt, and yes, she lucked out this time. He was carrying the money. Yanking it carefully, she soon is looking at Tyler with clouded over olive colored eyes. “Begging your pardon, sir..” She says in a childish, sweet voice. “The crowd just knocked me into you!” With a smile, she is off, quickly, away from them. She can’t help but smile. Hopefully she planned right, neither of them will notice until she is well and gone.

“Theif! Theif!”

As the voice of the more educated of the pair comes over the crowds shrilly she begins running, without a second thought, knocking into things every now and then. Her mind panics, and crowds over. Oh god She thinks. They’re going to kill me . Instinctually, her hand flies to her hip, and the feeling of metal comforts her. She had forgotten she had brought her papa’s sword with her. If it came to it, she would fight them both.

Current mood: accomplished.

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21st January, 2005. 10:00 pm. Friday, January 21, 1857- - Midday(just_north)

North gathered his belongings as the old woman yelled at him to leave the alley he had been looking for scraps of food in. He threw his bag over his shoulder before spitting in the hags direction and strutting away. He had been eating the scraps out of the trash of the inn on the corner of the alley for a few days seeing as he had not been able to make much picking pockets for about a week. He made his way to the docks where he found it much easier to find money or things he could sell on the streets in order to buy a little food. He found an open box and began to riffle around in it finding not much of anything. He felt a surge of disappointment before he noticed that the gangplank was up on a ship that seemed deserted. He made his way up the steady ramp and immediately saw a large barrel with a large amount of biscuits in it. He began shoving biscuits in his mouth and putting handfuls in his bag.

Current mood: hungry.

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